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The main task of the project is to find, observe and summarize differences in teaching and
performing nursing procedures and in a care for patients. Realization of this project should not only improve theoretical knowledge from the area of nursing but thanks to a couple of short stays participants will have personal experience from hospital trainings in partners’ countries and from practical demonstrations of nursing procedures at partners' schools.

Both teachers and students will acquire new knowledge and skills about nursing procedures abroad, which in some cases are performed completely differently due to a different culture, religion or just other conditions.

We would like to compare qualifications of our students and teachers, their competences in hospitals and nursing procedures, which they are entitled to perform. Teachers and students can learn a great deal from such an opportunity, adopt a holistic approach in nursing, promote at present not very prestigious nursing education, foster employability.

Moreover, teachers will also be acquainted with new teaching methods especially during lessons of hospital training. We plan to apply outcomes in education, keep in touch with partners’ schools and develop partnerships between even more learning institutions. Our priority is to enable and promote recognition as well as transparency and comparability of qualifications and learning outcomes

Another priority of our project is to tackle early school leaving and find the way how to enable
success for all students including children with a migrant background, Roma population etc. We
would like to share experience with our partners and adopt good example.


Nursing schools from the Czech Republic, Finland, Macedonia and Spain are comparing performance of nursing procedures
- diets in teaching hospitals where students do their work experience.
- working conditions of nurses, their duties, uniforms, appearance requirements
(Hairdressing, jewellery, dress code etc.)

Investigate the use of herbs in non-professional medicine, which herbs do people use in the
Countries of partners’ schools, how they get them and use them. We regard this very interesting since all the partners’ schools are geographically distant from each other.

Find out about lifestyle of students from partners’ schools through a questionnaire.

Find out reasons to early school leaving and find the way how to enable success for all students


• The project will improve the amounts of professional knowledge of both teachers and
• Teachers will use new findings in their lessons and students can apply them in hospitals once they work as nurses
• All participants will improve communicative abilities in English language and computer skills
• All findings will be summarized in a publication and presented on conferences for public and medical staff
• We intend to continue searching for differences in more areas of nursing and with more foreign
nursing schools even after the project.


Practical Nurse or Nurse Students and Nursing teachers from the Czech Republic, Finland, Macedonia and Spain


- COORDINATOR Czech Republic: Vyšší odborná škola zdravotnická a Strední zdravotnická škola, Trutnov, Procházkova 303, Contact person: Stanislava Hanlova

- Finland: Jokilaaksojen koulutuskuntayhtymä JEDU, contact person Päivi Kukkonen,
- Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Sredno opshtinsko uchilishte Gjorche Petrov. Contact person Elizabeta Milosheska,
- Spain: IES Leonardo da Vinci, Contact person Sara Fernández Pastor,

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