Nordplus Junior 2015

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The purposes of the project is

- Start and develop the cooperation with partners
- Develop the quality, creativity and innovation in education and especially in entrepreneurship education
- Benchmarking of teaching methods and developing of business plan processes
- Get and give knowledge of business etiquette in working life
- Improve communication and language skills- Improve understanding of other cultures in Nordic and Baltic countries.


Aims and contribution

The partners will learn more about other schools, curricula and teaching methods.We will make some teaching material in English for all of us.

Students will get knowledge of business culture and working life and will be encouraged to communicate in English and they will be encouraged to take up entrepreneurship studies.

Before the visit the students will make a preliminary business plan for everyone and have training for exchange. During a visit the students will present their business plans and get feedback and ideas for completing it.


The expected outcome related to the aims of the project:

We will compare teaching methods of entrepreneurship and will improve the brainstorming and teaching processes.

We will learn from foreign culture and working life.

The students will learn from other cultures and working life abroad and they will improve their business plans and their language skills and competence.


Partners Siauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre
Giedrè Chrapac

Smiltene Central Secondary school
Inga Deigele

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